Exercising Visualization

Visualization is a key skill for experiencing psychic visions and conditioning our minds to recreate vivid landscapes, items, and images for us to follow when we’re using our powers. Our mind’s eye is a muscle that needs to be exercised. In my research on how to go about strengthening this muscle, I’m scripting the following regimen for improving psychic ability through visualization.

Image Manipulation.

through meditation and patient visualization we can create vivid landscapes and images that bring about sensations, sounds, and other information…

In order to exercise our visualization skills, it’s important that we learn how to manipulate images with our mind.

We should be able to take a set image and use our imagination to manipulate that image.

Examples of image manipulation include:

  • zooming in on the subject matter
  • zooming out of the subject matter
  • removing a pre-existing subject in the image
  • introducing a new subject in the image
  • imagining the subject in motion within the scene
  • imagining the subject engaging with the landscape
  • reshaping, reforming, or extrapolating upon the given landscape
  • moving an object left or right across an imagined landscape and back again
  • moving an object up or down within an imagined landscape and back again

Advanced additions could include:

  • imagining the auras of the subjects in the photos
  • determining or deciphering that there is unseen energy present within the image by perceiving negative space within the visual that seems to be place-holding
  • imagining the images in the minds of the subject of the image as they interact with the given or manipulated landscape

Image Appropriation.

Image appropriation is the name that I’ve assigned to the act of interacting with an image in the first person or “stepping into” an image.

Methods for exercising our ability to appropriate images can include:

  • using tarot card images and significance for context and landscape and imagining ourselves interacting with the imagery or characters in the cards
we practice exercising our imaginations to make our inner worlds more vivid so that when we receive psychic information it can come through load and clear…
  • using #pinterest or #weheartit to compose a board of landscapes and subjects to play with, intending to interact with them and combine them or cross them over often to create superscapes
  • writing, journaling, or scripting a detailed version of a landscape we’re familiar with and crystallizing the imagery within that familiar landscape so that we are using imagery from our real lives and manipulating and appropriating scenes in our own realities
  • drawing our own landscapes and subject combinations to interact with to develop our own vivid scenarios and characters

The ways that we can challenge ourselves to develop our psychic abilities are most likely limitless. In favor of this, keep the conversation going in the comments and other platforms using the hashtag #4sight !

if you’d like to reference this article, but expound on its exercises, use the hashtag #4sight so we know you’re bouncing off of us and engaging with the underbelly community.

Personal Applications for Visualization

as for the past, using visualization can have beneficial impacts on altering memories that disturb your from the past. you can use your imagination to re member those experiences to be reframed into a more positive recollection.

as for the present, exercising visualization can help you wrap auras around yourself, protect yourself with shields and coconuts, or comfort you in the case of visualization of a deity, angel, or animal walking with you. there are extensive applications for visualization in all tenses, but the present one especially i could go on and on.

as for the future, practicing visual manipulation and appropriation of images can help ease anxieties about the future if used correctly. our powers of visualization tend to be potent when imagining worst-case scenarios, however after exercising and gaining more control over our visualizations we become more expert at navigating our mindscapes. we can shape our minds into more positive arenas with which to play out different scenarios.

we can shape our inner worlds by being more purposeful about the imagery we introduce to and interact with in our minds.

Use these visualization tips to become more powerful people. And share the Pinterest boards that come out of this! We’re excited to see what inner realms are conjured from this post.

With Radiant Warmth in Darkness,
The Underbelly

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