A Gemstone for Leos, Libras, Pisces, and the Aquarian Age

Who Is She Anyways?

Diaspor is a gemstone whose high vibrational nature brings refreshing feelings and crisp beginnings into our environments. It resonates within the higher chakras including the third eye, crown and soul star as well as within the heart and solar plexus chakra. Diaspor keeps us calm and open in all situations.

The name Diaspore, also spelled Diaspor or Diasporite, originally came from the Greek word which meant to scatter, and it relates to the way that the mineral scatters when it is heated. This speaks to the stones Libra attributes. This behavior reflects tendencies of the Air element and can be the reason for its mental benefits. The stone’s tendency to scatter when heated can reflect its affects on the user. When stimulated, the faculties of the mind are unlocked and disperse in order to permeate through the entirety of the psyche to retrieve and access all of the information therein.

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Working with Diaspor helps to enhance memory, remember your dreams, lucid dream, relieve stress, and assist with weight loss. More on that in a second.

It is also called Empholite, Kayserite or Tanatarite, and trademarked gem quality stones from Turkey are called Csarite and Zultanite by the gemstone trade.

Diaspor is the world’s only source of Zultanite. Originating from the Greek word “diaspora”, diaspor means to scatter. However, using its popular names from Turkey we see that the stone has royal associations as well.

The base word of Zultanite is Zoltán, a Hungarian masculine given name originating from the Old Turkish work soltan or sultan.

These words mean strong authority or rulership and are derived from the Arabic verb Sultah meaning authority or power.

In modern times, Sultans are Kings.

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In looking at the name Csarite we see the root word Csar which can be changed to Czar and then to Tsar. Czar is a Russian word for ruler or emperor. Czars don’t rule today but the word can still be used to describe people in charge of something important.

Up until the early 20th century, the ruler in Russia was a man called a czar who had total power, like an emperor or dictator.

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These crystals have an unusual attribute known as pleochroism in that they seem to change color according to how they are held, or looked at. This pleochroism reflects the stone’s influence on the user to become fluid and flexible in the way they are received and perceived in life.

What Does She “Do”?

Diaspor encourages clarity of thought and can This clarity assists in “reading” people by helping the user spiritually overstand what is being communicated and apply it to the mental and material plane. This speaks to the stone’s Leo attributes. Diaspor encourages confident interactions with people because it clarifies communication, making the exchange more direct and keeping misunderstandings at bay so that the conversation can flow.

Although associated with Aries, Leo has strong associations when Rising. Diaspore can help Leo’s in social situations. However, I concede that this observation is from a Rising Leo perspective / most potent with Leo influences in the first house.

This crystal assists in concentration and information recall. The mix of these abilities gives the user an ability to read true intent. By easily being able to concentrate on the information presented throughout the duration of the interaction, the user is able to sift through relevant and irrelevant data to concentrate on the heart of the matter.

Diaspor also encourages flexibility and resilience in the way we live. It supports improved responses to life changes and can assist in developing multiplicity in our perspectives.

These minerals have a lovely heart based energy that brings a soothing and calming energy that can aid stress or anxiety. The self-centering capabilities of the stone heightens the quality of the results of our endeavors. Improved concentration enhances document production and text formulation, making it a great stone for writers, transits in the third house, and working with Gemini energy.


Although closely associated with Leo and Libra as well, Diaspor is a Pisces birthstone. It’s a well known dreaming stone, and helps dream recall when we sleep with it. It’s an excellent aid in lucid dreaming and provoking intense and evocative dreams. We can recall scenes from dreams of the night before or past-life dreams with this crystal. We can even practice divination. Diaspor allows us to ask questions and receive clear, concise, and accurate answers by clearing our minds to allow our psychic subtleties to become more pronounced so that we can consciously interpret the messages.

These stones are one of the crystals that aid weight loss. They are purported to moderate water retention. This would speak to the interaction of the three elements occurring in the stone. It’s Leo attributes helping to decrease water volume and Libra giving the vapor a medium to expand and permeate. Thus, allowing the body to effectively rid itself of water waste and transport water to the necessary areas of our bodies, most effectively through fire breath meditation.

Additionally, we can use Diaspor to align our outer bodies. This grounds us and enables us to consciously create pathways that takes our higher-self energies straight up to the cosmos. While grounding us, Diaspor also opens up our crown chakras. This open channel increases our perception and comprehension of that which occurs within us during trance states while still making us feel safe and secure, rooted within ourselves.

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How She Can Help Us All

Using Diaspor with the elestial formation promotes protection during change and metamorphosis. It also promotes a strengthening of stability during these shifts.

A fun fact about the Diaspor cave in Turkey is that it’s a vortex.

[Vortices] are thought to be swirling centers of energy that are conducive to healing, meditation and self-exploration. These are places where the earth seems especially alive with energy. Many people feel inspired, recharged or uplifted after visiting a vortex.

—Info via VisitSedona

As we are going through the Metamorphosis of Times that is our borderlining the Aquarian Age, we are going to need to prepare our vibrations to comprehend the shifts we are going through while remaining grounded and stable in the lessons and wisdoms we gained from the Pisces era.

A trait of Diaspor is its ability to maintain proper acid/alkaline balance within the body and enhance the solubility of alkaline deposits within the body. If we look at our civilization as one Kingdom or one body, Diaspor can help us to maintain proper balance between Capricorn and Pisces in the Age of Aquarius by helping us to create authoritative solutions taking only the most practical mystical knowledge from the Piscean Age and applying these solutions to help manifest our new Aquarian dimension. It can help us to remain stable as we travel through the different vertices, portals, and dimensional shifts we’ll be experiencing for the next couple of thousand years.

Diaspor’s ability to assist in removing free-radical oxides from the body can reflect an ability to enable us as a society to quickly sift through beneficial and harmful ideas and advancements. This will be important in the Age of Aquarius because as many people will have increased and improved access to networks and knowledge, there will be many inventors and new directions that people will want to take society into. Keeping true to the qualities of Diaspor has the potential to help us stay on a positively evolving track by helping us to eliminate interesting and fresh ideas that may have an unfortunate and corrosive affect on our society at large or in a grander scheme.

With its assistance in weight loss, diaspor can be used to help people move the emotional baggage and blockages in the body’s systems that promote obesity. It is already currently being used in the treatment of Parkinson’s disease , diminishing the presence of the rash-causing Agent Orange toxin, and increase T-cell count in AIDS patients. Isn’t that amazing and crazy?

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