With a Centaur’s Aim: Our First Sag Season

Sagittarius season is upon us, y’all! To set up the blog for the next month, I thought I’d post some background mythology on Sag as well as a little analysis of the Centaur. Since I’m into shapeshifting, I’ll be discussing the best energies to start transitioning into Centaur energy.

Seeing the Signs

Sagittarius is the constellation spanning 240-270 degrees of our Zodiac. Sag is the waning trine of Aries, with Leo being the waxing trine.

In short, what we began in Aries season and saw unfold during Leo season needs to be retrofitted. Sagittarius season is about including the insight and attitudes of others so that we know how to fit our endeavors into a larger context.

This part of any manifestation process is essential. It brings us to a higher level when we distill our experiences and share our expertise with others.

Spotting the Centaur.

In Greek mythology, Sag is associated with the centaur Chiron. Astrogically, we acknowledge Chiron as the comet representing our wounds and their cures. I have a theory on why this is, so keep reading.

The centaur of mythology is a symbol of higher intelligence said to form a bridge between Earth and Heaven. His only tools are a bow and arrow. I consider these to be representations of foundation and intention. The centaur is the master of using their skills to cast their intentions into the eye of any target it chooses.

In other words, centaurs never hit their mark.

So Sagittarius season becomes a season celebrating The Sight and Prophecy. The ability to hit one’s mark from the moment of cast intention in consideration of potentially path altering conditions. Dude, that’s pretty sick.

Becoming the Archer.

In archery, patience and passion prevail. Passion takes us beyond the norm. Passionate emotion fuels abstract realities until they feel supple to our conscious minds. Patience in the mix allows us to see these passionate realities come to fruition.

The centaur is a master of both, combining timing with patience and passion to reach any goal in or out of sight.

In order to become Archers, we need to learn the art of timing. We have to calm our fiery passions with patience and…


I did archery in high school because I was in ROTC so I have a little bit of arching experience. When I was writing this post and looking into Sag stuff, I thought to look into archery a little to see if I can include some detail. And let me tell you,

I immediately saw the parallels between arching and #LOA manifesting. The centaur shooting his arrow is the exact same process as manifestation as described in pop LOA videos and articles.

For the archer, the six basic steps for shooting a bow are:

Assume the shooting position.
Nock the arrow.
Draw and anchor the bow.
Release the string.
Follow through.

For manifestors studying LOA, our process mirrors shooting. To manifest what we want we make a flow of the the following steps:

Get clear on what you want. …
Ask the universe. …
Work toward your goals. …
Trust the process. …
Receive and acknowledge what you get. …
Clear your resistance.

I’m delineating this parallel because this is the mindset all Sag season long, at least here at The Underbelly. The next month is about getting clear, nocking our arrows, putting in the work, and fueling ourselves on faith.

And every time we do this, we’re also making habits of being in receiving mode and releasing the strings. In keeping our vibes high, we clear resistance. With open roads and clear paths, we follow through.

“The equipment can come later, but the most important thing is your form, your technique and your mental approach.”

Braden Gellenthien

Who are you? How do you want to do what you want to do? What mindset are you in while achieving these goals?

While we can’t answer those questions for you here at the Underbelly, we can post articles all month long that explore psychic mental approaches, magical techniques, and spirit in its many forms.

So that’s what we’ll be here to do! Lock in.

Love, The Underbelly Blog.

All images in use on this post can be found here.

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