Chart Vibing

A Sagittarian Approach to Natal Analysis

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Hey guys, here’s the skinny. When I’m writing for The Underbelly, and in general, my screen is often a dual split between the post I’m writing and a fucking Thesaurus. I like to be particular with my words because I want you to feel what I mean when you’re reading these posts. They’re for me, but they’re not for me at the same time. You feel me?

Also, my Mercury is conjunct my Sun so there’s that.

My dilemma is that when I’m writing and talking about what I do as an Astrologer, I use the term “Chart Analysis” a lot. I’m tired of that. My secret aspiration is to make Astrology such an organic part of my lifestyle that I can discuss Astronomical and Astrological notions casual as the fuck.

What is Chart Analysis?

Analysis is a detailed examination of the elements or structure of something. In astrology, a chart analysis is a detailed examination of the elements or structures of the interactions between a subject’s planets/stars and the subject itself. 

I think that earlier on in my practice I used to get stuck here: The Abyss of Analysis. The chart is elemental with elements in elements relating to elements within the elements of our collective element, yo. That’s a LOT. Personally, I’m moving away from chart analyses. I analyze my own chart because there’s a lifetime of elements in there to explore and turn my attention to. Chart analysis is deep and thorough and detailed. I only do analyses on special occasions now.

In my search for “analysis” replacements, I found that the definitions of its synonyms held descriptions of different ways to approach charts.

The following are my top 3. Instead of doing chart analyses, from now on I’ll be…


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According to, to perurse means to read or examine attentively and in detail. I like the casualness of this word. It’s a careful reading, but the connotation of the word leans away from the intensity of an analytic deep dive and treats the chart more like a library of information to be walked through. Analysis implies investigation, inquiry, and evaluation of a chart’s constitution. This is only deeply interesting sometimes. Other times? Yawn.

Perusal is more about wading through the elements of a chart, browsing through its houses, and skimming over the aspects to get a nice, wholesome glance at the overall private reality of a person. Chart perusal is a once over. I dip into your sky for a little bit to get some info and then I’m onto the next thing.

I peruse through potential clients’ charts to mine their transits or aspects for inspiration. Leafing through sky maps helps to get a general idea of the context and history of a person or situation without getting stuck. It’s tempting to analyze a person’s natal nitty gritty BUT it’s time consuming. The stars continued to transit after that person was born, they’re continuously interacting people that are impacting their lives, shit is h i t t i n g t h e f a n , do you hear me? You’ll never progress in your understanding of Astrology or be helpful in real-time if you get stuck analyzing. Try perusing instead.


Image via Futurism.

This one appeals to my Aquarian edge. It feels sciency and I like it. Urban Dictionary defines probing as “what aliens do to you once you have been abducted in to their space craft.” That can’t just excite only me.

When people ask specific questions regarding why life is interacting with them the ways it is or how to improve their interactions with life, I get to probing their chart. When I’m probing a chart, I’m trying to find specific elements and examine particular relationship elements to cultivate an informed perspective on the matter at hand with the hopes of potentially offering a holistic solution.

The catch is that within that one question, I’ve now abducted your whole chart. Your stars and transits are mine to observe and excavate to my rising Leo heart’s content.

Astrologers are the aliens probing Uranus.


Current lockscreen.

Vibes. This one is more intuitive. I looked into the etymology of the word vibe and found that “vibe” is a noun that first made its appearance in 1940 as a tag for vibraphone, the instrument. Then, in 1967 flower children started using the term as an abbreviated form of vibration, giving “vibe” the slang sense of “instinctive feeling.”

Vibing charts takes more knowledge about the elements of charts and what makes certain transits or placements more powerful or more relevant than others.

How does this connect to Sag?

Original Image by @mindful_hookup

Astrology is an extensive study of the stars and our relationship to the cosmos in rhythm and tandem with our life experiences. When I’m Sky Vibing or Chart Vibing, I’m drawing from my personal library of knowledge to receive impressions and images about a person or situation from their chart. This is Sagittarian as fuck because I’m basically saying that my bow is my repertoire of knowledge, my arrows are the elements in a chart, and the accuracy with which I employ both determines if I’m on point with my conclusion.

Building a library of knowledge requires a passionate interest in learning. My personal library includes access to myth and lore from multiple cultures during various periods around the world, shamanic archetypes, practices in augury, dream symbolism, and much more on top of what I’ve studied about astronomy, the stars, the planets, their scientific compositions, and their astrological significance. It’s the vibing that takes all this info to the Centaurian realm of higher learning. The teaching of this higher learning is education.

To me, Chart Vibing is the pinnacle of “Chart Analysis”. I’d like to see people get way from using the cartography of astrology and get back to vibing the real stars around and above us. Without light pollution, we’d have unfiltered and unlimited access to our cosmic dome, and it’s heart breaking that we can’t even see our own sky anymore.

Inspiration doesn’t come from analysis, it comes from catching a vibe.

The original purpose of this blog is to say something new in the conversations surrounding Law of Attraction, spirituality, tarot, and astrology. Vibing isn’t new but it’s only about 50 years old. How many people are expounding upon that?

I’d like to perpetuate “vibing” as a theme on the Underbelly this Sagittarius season and beyond. Shit, as a Pisces stellium I’d like to promote vibing as a lifestyle!

It’s my hope that all this vibing raises us to higher realms of learning so that we can take our education to a cosmic level. With Jupiter in the galactic center just in time for Sag season, I’d say now is a more appropriate time than any other to start firing these aspirations to the sky.

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