Book Burning, Astral Travel, and Virtual Reality


Something that bothers me as we’re entering the Age of Aquarius is the recovery of knowledge that has been lost in the physical realm due to the rudeness of colonization and brutal souls.

I’m referring to all of the barbarians throughout history that partook in book burning.

The question I was researching that flared me up to write this article.

It’s extremely frustrating as a young astrologer to incarnate and find that previous soul work that you very may well have contributed one of your lifetimes to has been destroyed. Beyond irritating.

However, the idea that this knowledge can’t be recovered is fictitious. Anything that was once written always once told. If it was once said then it was once known. If it was once known then it is part of consciousness forever and all puzzles broken can be solved again. But how?

Astral traveling and astral projection into celestial classrooms or dimensions and meeting celestial scholarly beings and bringing useful knowledge back to this realm is within our grasp.

Does this alarm you? Or do you believe it too?

Just think about what’s emerging in our Media? Episodes of Black Mirror are starting to press the envelope of virtual reality. By this I mean that the technology is only beginning to catch up with our most basic intentions for it and we already have entire universes dedicated to how we’ll be operating with their applied existence.

In the spiritual community a similar vehicle is emerging in consciousness and approaching more tangible results. Studies at Athens University have been nailing OBE research for a few decades now. The accuracy of projectors guided through specific instructions prior to sleep varied: ~33% with a vivid OBE and the rest in decreasing degrees of clarity in their accounts of their experience.

We’re approaching an age and a time where people are openly communicating and sharing methods of projecting and we’re becoming more and more successful at it as more people unlock their ability to project their consciousness beyond the physical form.

This is spiritual technology that we need to be taking more seriously as a route to discovering and recovering universal and spiritual truths that can propel us into the next Age.

Published by Sumeria

Sumerian princess. Shaman. Soothesayer. Wizard. Author. Photographer. Dancer. And more.

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