Celtic Knots and Circle Casting

I’d like to propose the consideration of Celtic Knots as a tool in our concept of casting protection around ourselves and grounding.


I was surfing Pinterest when I came upon this symbol and this concept. I fell in love with it and want to look more into knots, energy work, celtic symbolism/mythology, and cord magic. Those posts will come later.

For now, I just wanted to introduce the idea that in casting a circle for grounding or protection in preparation for energy work, thinking of a solid shape or color may not be the only way to protect yourself. There are so many other symbols we can use: coconuts, turtle shells, cowrie shells, a ring of small fierce animals, and now knots!

It will be interesting to see how experimenting with types of knots can affect the feeling of protection, and how one will make an art of casting with their hands, wands, or athames.

Published by Sumeria

Sumerian princess. Shaman. Soothesayer. Wizard. Author. Photographer. Dancer. And more.

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