The West Needs to Pay Attention to What Happens in the East

We can base this on the simple principle of direction. We know that the sun rises in the East and sets in the west. The rising sun symbolizes the beginning and the west represents the end. When situations wax and arise in the East, we can expect those things to transfer and for the energies to move westward. Problems that are not resolved in their early stages are then carried westward.

The same goes for southward to northward and back, however that relates to the year, not the day. That is a different article.

When we see a rise in technology in the East (China) that wave often is transformed and carried westward (the descendent of this dimension because the sun sets over us) take the energies/circumstances/waves that have arisen and find ways to synthesize and analyze and understand it. Make sense of it. This is just the natural motion of things. Immediate and vast.

This is an expression using cardinal directions of why it’s important to pay attention to world news and be conscientious of what is trending. It will be useful in the upcoming 180 years to really use this knowledge to forge the career paths of our generation, it’s youth, and the most adept of our working class.

This article is partially related to Local Astrology. The new tool on is definitely something to play around with. Ways to interpret the lines of your local astrology will most likely be a different article.

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