What is the descendent?

In Egyptian mythology West is considered to be the portal of the netherworld. With this as an example Aquarius can be seen as the energy to be using to tap into transformative energies. That being said if the direction that you want to go in is westward, then you can be trying to channel androgynous energies. Trying to challenge yourself to invent new solutions to your problems. This constellation is bringing the 10 of wands to mind. Where in my cards the load is burdensome and the smarter fix would be to build a vessel (better technology) to carry the load. In the interpretation in line with Egyptian mythology, Aquarius would be opening up the netherworld and you can channel what that represents through an Aquarian stream of consciousness.

In Chinese Buddhism, west represents movement toward the Buddha or enlightenment. In this interpretation whatever sign is on the descendent can be the stream of consciousness that leads toward enlightenment. My ruler is on my descendent , so it’s most natural for me to pay attention with what is cusping in that direction because that’s where my personal momentum lies.

In American literature, the west had been made into a symbol of freedom as the west was what white people pushed towards in their exploration from the East. The legends will speak of it as a newly arrived soul clan’s quest for wisdom and divine guidance where they were bankrupt.


In Judaism The west is seen as the direction toward Shekinah or the dwelling or presence of god. Orienting yourself toward the west as your anchor energy you want to pay attention to what’s descending or flushing out. I smbelieve the west to be symbol of the dwelling of god in astrological terms because that is the constellation that spent its full 12 hours above the horizon sending energy and interacting with us and now at its setting it’s draining everything, bringing that energy to another place on the earth.

This is a reason why we must be so conscious of who is leading the day and the energy that they are bringing.

Who is the most ahead of time? — The day starts in the Line Islands….

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