Who Does She Think She IS?

A lil’ insight into ya girl.

My name is Snow. I am a self taught American astrologer, psychic practitioner, and herbalist. Studying magical craft, formal education in language and cultural studies, and philosophy form the foundation of my astrological approach. My technique for astrological readings uses the Sidereal, Tropical, and Draconic zodiac composited into a single chart, divided into Decans, and incorporating the herbs and crystals that resonate the energies described in the chart.

The synthesis of astrology, psychic ability, and magical craft are very important to me and represents the fusion of ones corporeal reality and higher mind. In 2017 I completed an ancestralization in which I believe I experienced soul retrieval and initiation into this work. I am rooted in traditional techniques based on natural law, visual astrology, and making use of tangibles on earth to manipulate energies in our favors.

The Underbelly

The name of the site The Underbelly, is a description of the content that I concern myself with creating. There is a lot of movement on the surface distracting us, but there are underpinning rhythmic, steady, strong natural energies influencing the look of this surface. The only way to see what is really going on is to dive beneath. So many people playing their surface role and it’s important that we circulate valuable information. Having knowledge of natural law, astrology, and magick enriches our lives by raising our awareness of how to maximize our free will.

I am from Chicago, but moved to New Orleans in 2016 to study at Loyola University. Since then I have had a whirl of experiences from ceremony, to study abroad, to street performing, to  teaching improvisational theater. I am on leave from school currently to invest in who I am: a modern shaman. So I will teach, and read, and aid, and journey, and seek, and find, and circulate, synthesize, and connect until the psychic atmosphere has cleared enough for us to see beneath the surface again. It might take a lifetime. I’m excited about it.

“Dope, u gotta gift New Orleans needs more people like u.”

My friend, Josie
when I told her that I
was committing to the path.

Where to Find Me

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