Chart Vibing

A Sagittarian Approach to Natal Analysis

#ankhstyedit depicting a centaur drawing his bow above jupiter’s hands of time on the horoscope of this post’s publishing hour.

Hey guys, here’s the skinny. When I’m writing for The Underbelly, and in general, my screen is often a dual split between the post I’m writing and a fucking Thesaurus. I like to be particular with my words because I want you to feel what I mean when you’re reading these posts. They’re for me, but they’re not for me at the same time. You feel me?

Also, my Mercury is conjunct my Sun so there’s that.

My dilemma is that when I’m writing and talking about what I do as an Astrologer, I use the term “Chart Analysis” a lot. I’m tired of that. My secret aspiration is to make Astrology such an organic part of my lifestyle that I can discuss Astronomical and Astrological notions casual as the fuck.

What is Chart Analysis?

Analysis is a detailed examination of the elements or structure of something. In astrology, a chart analysis is a detailed examination of the elements or structures of the interactions between a subject’s planets/stars and the subject itself. 

I think that earlier on in my practice I used to get stuck here: The Abyss of Analysis. The chart is elemental with elements in elements relating to elements within the elements of our collective element, yo. That’s a LOT. Personally, I’m moving away from chart analyses. I analyze my own chart because there’s a lifetime of elements in there to explore and turn my attention to. Chart analysis is deep and thorough and detailed. I only do analyses on special occasions now.

In my search for “analysis” replacements, I found that the definitions of its synonyms held descriptions of different ways to approach charts.

The following are my top 3. Instead of doing chart analyses, from now on I’ll be…


Image via Design Milk

According to KidsWordsmyth.net, to perurse means to read or examine attentively and in detail. I like the casualness of this word. It’s a careful reading, but the connotation of the word leans away from the intensity of an analytic deep dive and treats the chart more like a library of information to be walked through. Analysis implies investigation, inquiry, and evaluation of a chart’s constitution. This is only deeply interesting sometimes. Other times? Yawn.

Perusal is more about wading through the elements of a chart, browsing through its houses, and skimming over the aspects to get a nice, wholesome glance at the overall private reality of a person. Chart perusal is a once over. I dip into your sky for a little bit to get some info and then I’m onto the next thing.

I peruse through potential clients’ charts to mine their transits or aspects for inspiration. Leafing through sky maps helps to get a general idea of the context and history of a person or situation without getting stuck. It’s tempting to analyze a person’s natal nitty gritty BUT it’s time consuming. The stars continued to transit after that person was born, they’re continuously interacting people that are impacting their lives, shit is h i t t i n g t h e f a n , do you hear me? You’ll never progress in your understanding of Astrology or be helpful in real-time if you get stuck analyzing. Try perusing instead.


Image via Futurism.

This one appeals to my Aquarian edge. It feels sciency and I like it. Urban Dictionary defines probing as “what aliens do to you once you have been abducted in to their space craft.” That can’t just excite only me.

When people ask specific questions regarding why life is interacting with them the ways it is or how to improve their interactions with life, I get to probing their chart. When I’m probing a chart, I’m trying to find specific elements and examine particular relationship elements to cultivate an informed perspective on the matter at hand with the hopes of potentially offering a holistic solution.

The catch is that within that one question, I’ve now abducted your whole chart. Your stars and transits are mine to observe and excavate to my rising Leo heart’s content.

Astrologers are the aliens probing Uranus.


Current lockscreen.

Vibes. This one is more intuitive. I looked into the etymology of the word vibe and found that “vibe” is a noun that first made its appearance in 1940 as a tag for vibraphone, the instrument. Then, in 1967 flower children started using the term as an abbreviated form of vibration, giving “vibe” the slang sense of “instinctive feeling.”

Vibing charts takes more knowledge about the elements of charts and what makes certain transits or placements more powerful or more relevant than others.

How does this connect to Sag?

Original Image by @mindful_hookup

Astrology is an extensive study of the stars and our relationship to the cosmos in rhythm and tandem with our life experiences. When I’m Sky Vibing or Chart Vibing, I’m drawing from my personal library of knowledge to receive impressions and images about a person or situation from their chart. This is Sagittarian as fuck because I’m basically saying that my bow is my repertoire of knowledge, my arrows are the elements in a chart, and the accuracy with which I employ both determines if I’m on point with my conclusion.

Building a library of knowledge requires a passionate interest in learning. My personal library includes access to myth and lore from multiple cultures during various periods around the world, shamanic archetypes, practices in augury, dream symbolism, and much more on top of what I’ve studied about astronomy, the stars, the planets, their scientific compositions, and their astrological significance. It’s the vibing that takes all this info to the Centaurian realm of higher learning. The teaching of this higher learning is education.

To me, Chart Vibing is the pinnacle of “Chart Analysis”. I’d like to see people get way from using the cartography of astrology and get back to vibing the real stars around and above us. Without light pollution, we’d have unfiltered and unlimited access to our cosmic dome, and it’s heart breaking that we can’t even see our own sky anymore.

Inspiration doesn’t come from analysis, it comes from catching a vibe.

The original purpose of this blog is to say something new in the conversations surrounding Law of Attraction, spirituality, tarot, and astrology. Vibing isn’t new but it’s only about 50 years old. How many people are expounding upon that?

I’d like to perpetuate “vibing” as a theme on the Underbelly this Sagittarius season and beyond. Shit, as a Pisces stellium I’d like to promote vibing as a lifestyle!

It’s my hope that all this vibing raises us to higher realms of learning so that we can take our education to a cosmic level. With Jupiter in the galactic center just in time for Sag season, I’d say now is a more appropriate time than any other to start firing these aspirations to the sky.


Affirming the Plutonian Sun

note: as with the trine and the sextile, in the square, pluto is the outer or superior planet in this case and therefore has a dominating effect on the sun, the inner or inferior luminary in this case. the focus of a square relationship is integrating the tense relationship between the 2 different areas of life so that we are fluidly able to make choices and seize opportunities without being dominated by one energy or another. those of us who share this aspect have the work of integrating ourselves and the transformations that we go through. the effect of integrating identity and transformation is that we become change, and we become comfortable with that. we become comfortable with change being a constant for us in our own lives. we also embrace bringing and being the change in other people’s lives. there’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes of a change bringer. this blog post is a compilation of the information written on this aspect turned affirmation for Plutonian Suns. it is presumptuous and declarative, but i hope it is simultaneously comforting and empowering.

Pluto Square Suns,

we are intense.

we are intense beings and that unsettles people. because of this, it’s actually in our best interest to relax. we have all experienced our fair share of crises. to minimize crisis, we try controlling the situations. this can lead to us becoming controlling of other people, but we can take a more positive route with this energy. when we channel our intensity into determination and hard work for our own gains we become very powerful people. when we are ambitious and unconcerned of our competition, we are free to create unlimited realities that are unique to our own desires. we have to overstand that we are naturally positioned in power and authority when when we sit within the thrones of ourselves. we will feel the most fulfilled when we take our intensity and channel it into manifesting positive attraction within our lives.

we love that we are intrinsically attractive. we know that our intensity is rarely matched and has an allure so strong that we get stuck down our own rabbit holes. we get swept up in our own emotions our gravity pulls us within our own psyches. we become black holes. the intensity of our emotions have the power to tear other people apart. when we focus on empowering ourselves instead of engaging in power struggles with others we uphold our center in its highest or most ideal form (just as Pluto’s glyph suggests).

we’re so intense because we’re an expression of a vital meeting between the conscious and the subconscious. we naturally see the deeper significance of all things. it’s difficult to remain light-hearted and light-minded when our powerful emotions express themselves. especially without our control. but that’s okay. we don’t always need to be light. when we become comfortable in our own darkness, and can stand the heat of our own kitchens so to speak, we allow ourselves unrestricted access to all of the helpful faculties that we can employ to manifest the life that aligns best with our soul’s highest divine purpose.

we are hidden.

we enjoy cloaking ourselves. we are intrigued by the veils between things and we enjoy lifting and dancing between them. we are attracted to costumes, disguises, and shapeshifting. all kinds of transformation is cool to us. the mimic squid is a cool example of this. or maybe you liked beast boy and raven from the teen titans for their abilities to transform.

it’s okay for us to hav a library of masks so long as we’re not hiding behind them. so long as we can stand in the sunlight, fully cloaked in our darkness, and know that we are embodying and enduring a glorious contrast. in the case of sun sqare pluto we are flames, blazing strong in the darkness. we have to have a light strong enough to endure the mysteries of the night. to do this we have to do the work to come to a thorough appreciation of our basal nature.

it’s useful for us to have a repertoire of identities that we can transform into so that we are adaptable and flexible in our interactions with the world. we are strategic with our disguises to maximize our gains and the vividness of our realities. we should encourage this in ourselves. we should encourage ourselves to master gifts latent within us. as long as we are honest with ourselves about who we are, we will always be able to let go of control of a situation. the risk of our mask being ripped off or crumbling doesn’t scare us because we are comfortable with the core identity we cultivated that allows us to wear the other identities so organically.

we saturate ourselves in darkness.

we are familiar with the darker side of life even if we haven’t experienced it. we were around it or we accepted the darkness in the people around us. we actively embrace our fascinations with the dark and shed any light we can on our fears of it. fearlessness is something that we cultivated by constantly confronting and making our fears our bitches. death and endings fascinate us because those phenomena are expressions of transformative potential and the creative process.

losing control can be a dark fantasy in and of itself for us. we give ourselves permission to live out our sexual taboos and fantasies with our partners. exploring our interests and desires stimulates us in a positive way. our imaginations deserve to be as wild as they are. there is beauty and gold in that. we also deserve to explore those things in safe spaces with people that love and care for us. the occult and addictions add to our life experiences and stimulate transformation in our lives, but we have to reconnect with self-love so that we overstand that we don’t have to venture off into the darkness to experience our innermost desires. we can experience our darkness in the blessing of light and love that is union.

we are controlled.

in reality, the only thing that we have any control over is ourselves. we can’t control what’s going on within us, but we control how we react. we decide what we let flow. whenever we feel the need to control others, we focus our efforts on attuning ourselves to experience fulfilling, substantial, and harmonious relationships. we focus our attention on controlling our own behavior, our transformative process is for the purpose of evolving ourselves to a higher level of consciousness, so we can’t waste time trying to control other people. our destinies are unfolding every moment.

knowing this, we make a practice out of letting things go. we have to train ourselves to release the urge to probe and dominate situations. we have to relax ourselves so that release becomes natural for us.

it’s essential for us to become conscious of why we feel so in need to be in control. our consciousness of the root causes of our control concerns allows us to evolve to a higher level and let things go, relax, and feel less threatened. we transform ourselves and rebirth ourselves in peace. once we do this we find that inner peace is where we find inner power.

usually in our efforts to control other people or dominate the situation, we find ourselves making sacrifices. because pluto is the dominant planet in this relationship, we often sacrifice ourselves for the sacke of transformation. we are always dying for the sake of becoming. however, when we smoothly integrate these energies we can master the art of positively transforming ourselves. focusing on yourself will yield more positive and quicker results than focusing your energy on trying to transform others for your own personal gain.

the need to be in control gets us into ego conflicts. not being in control raises our agitation levels and our energy is so intense that this actually can feel threatening to people. the intensity of our anxiety or nervous excite literally comes off as painful, damaging, and hostile to other people. if you don’t see it now, just pay attention or ask around. our discomfort is really that potent. this is why its so important to integrate these two energies. the uncomfortable feelings we have in ourselves is what is most powerfully broadcasted to others, even when our sunny personalities are trying to shine under the cover of that pultonian darkness. resolving inner discomfort resolves scenarios in our lives, fellow plutnian suns, literally alters the reflections of those discomforts as expressed in our life situations.

we are private.

we journey to the underworld often. we familiar with the darker side of life.

having a natal sun sq. pluto aspect can also be expressed in terms of coming into existence during that particular transit. we are an expression of a relationship that was going on at the time andour lives after that are the expression of how that original conflict or square has played out since then.

pluto square suns, we were all born born in a period where authority was being challenged and need for control was at the forefront of relationships at the time. we were born at a time when past life experiences and deeply rooted fears were triggered and intense psychological issues involving fears, death, losing control, being abused, tortured, or persecuted we at their height. the gates for brushes with the dark side of life such as addiction, spiritual warfare, and rape were most open when we came into being. we can be intimidating because we are encoded with energies of intimidation.

we are serious secrecy and control. we keep our personal lives a mystery.

it’s important for us to make a practice of constant relaxation of our minds. we benefit most from focusing our thorough attention on relevant matters so that we don’t wast our energy on mundane pursuits. we embrace death and actively soothe negative emotions and thought patterns that we have about endings. we actively set ourselves up for success because we know that self-sabotaging behavior is a waste of precious time. we actively create positive scenarios and scenarios where we come out on top because we know how powerful our words and mind in creating our reality. we freely explore my most demonic, unacceptable, and beastly thoughts because we have come to appreciate the beauty of them. we accept that they are essential parts of me and we enjoy those parts of myself.

we are autonomous.

we are powerful and magical shapeshifting beings. we know how to transform and shape realities and people. we are walking indicators of change, walking transformative works. we also know that we are special and that the gifts that we are each nurturing within ourselves and the dreams that we’re realizing are very fragile. we are something worth protecting so we learn how to protect ourselves.

we are protected.

we protect ourselves from the emotionally invasive and the nosy energies that pry. we protect our businesses, our relationships, and our homes. we leave things unsaid in order to maintain space between what people think know about us and what is real. this buffer makes us feel comfortable because it distances us from people’s assumptions and psychic attacks.

release empowers us.

we employ armour to plate our true emotions. we don’t let much slip and we don’t feel the need to divulge more information that asked. our consistent release of control empowers us more than pursuit of control over others.

within ourselves.

we have intense, obsessive, and fascinated relationships with ourselves. we are full of strong emotion and dreams that we revisit constantly. there is no part of ourselves that we hide from ourselves. I am a drug to myself. we are the kind of people that get under our own skin. it’s rare that other people would even know where to start when it comes to truly bothering us because we’re so secretive. we invade the darker parts of our own psyches and become addicted to the powerful transformations that result in that indulgence. we can bring anything toward a crisis point, always running the most catastrophic versions of a scenario by ourselves to prepare ourselves for the worst.

our lightness, vitatlity, and sense of specialness threatens us at times. if we have naturally sunny dispositions, there’s always something about that persona that makes us uncomfortable within ourselves. its that sunny, light side of us that’s the most risky. a bubbly nature isn’t conducive to keeping secrets and retaining power.

we are dark stars.

integrating the two energies so that they flow more smoothly with one another is our task if we ant to get out of our own way. but what does that look like?

why my pluto-sun integration looks like is delving deeper into the occult and learning the ways of shapeshifting. coming to understand this aspect in my chart explains why i wrote such dark poetry as a kid. why i was so angsty and upset. why i attracted and found comfort in some of the darkest things. why erotic literature, bdsm, and taboo shit turns me on. everyone integration will look different. i guess this blog in its own way is an expression of that integration.

what’s an aspect in your chart that you’d like to actualize or affirm? leave a comment or write a blog post in response!

Notables Plutonian Suns: Barbra Streisand, Maya Angelou, Ricky Martin, Leonardo Da Vinci, Tiger Woods, Omar Sharif

Sources: Astrology King, Darkstar Astrology, The Astrology Place Membership,

Symbols: Phoenix, Tarot Card Death, Masks

Higher Embodiments: Kali Ma, Anubis, Sekhmet

what is a sun enveloped in darkness but the moon?


Afrofuturistic Pluto Conjunct Saturn Vibes: Janelle Monae

#ankhstyedit of Janelle Monae

The conjunction of Pluto and Saturn is exact TODAY , January 9th , 2020.

The best way to translate the energy of this conjunction is NOT by describing how heavy it feels to have Pluto on top of Saturn in the earth sign of authority, Capricorn.

Instead, we should be exploring the freedoms that we can enjoy during this transit. In addition, after this conjunction, what energies shall we take away?

Looking to Janelle for Answers

Janelle Monae and her music offer the perfect direction with which to take this conjunction because she was BORN the last time that this energy happened! That means that she’s encoded with and has been living out the interplay of these energies all her life. We at the Underbelly think that the key to unlocking the meaning of this conjunction lies in her music.

— The Tightrope

This video gives us the important message that even when we feel the pressure of authority imposing strict boundaries on us, we can still enjoy expressing the truest, most vivid parts of our nature— so long as we’re willing to and skilled at walking the tightrope of that line.

“Some people long for a life that is simple and planned
Tied with a ribbon
Some people won’t sail the sea ’cause they’re safer on land
To follow what’s written
But I’d follow you to the great unknown
Off to a world we call our own

Hand in my hand and we promised to never let go
We’re walking the tightrope
High in the sky
We can see the whole world down below
We’re walking the tightrope
Never sure, never know how far we could fall
But it’s all an adventure
That comes with a breathtaking view
Walking the tightrope”

Sometimes boundaries give us the foundation to work with. Restrictions can inspire us to be creative and we should play on restrictions and rules because without limits, how could we push them?

“We Don’t Need Another Ruler”

The “Dirty Computer” Tour

We guarantee that this is going to be one of the most Lit shits you’ve seen since Beyoncés Lemonade.

The day will come when The Underbelly does a full fledged analysis of this piece. For now, let’s just have a quick look at some of the lyrics from one of the songs on the new record, “Crazy, Classic, Life”:

“Young, black, wild and free
Naked on a limousine (Oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh)
Riding through the hood real slow
I love it when I smell the trees (Oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh)

I just wanna party hard
Sex in the swimming pool (Oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh)
I don’t need a lot of cash
I just wanna break the rules (Oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh)

We don’t need another ruler
All of my friends are kings (Oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh)
I am not America’s nightmare
I am the American dream (Oh-oh, oh-oh)
Just let me live my life

Janelle paints a vivid and clear picture for us. Look around, we don’t have to be under the impression that Pluto and Saturn represent any authority but the authority we have over ourselves. A theme in her art work is the presence of authority and the ways we get around them to live the best, most colorful lives we can anyways.

Thank you, Janelle

We won’t get all up in your business by going too in depth with your chart, but girl you are working that powerful Pluto-Saturn conjunction in the 3rd house and harmoniously complementing that with your Gemini Moon conjunct your MC.

You are a leader, an individual, and lowkey a freedom fighter.

So what now?

We think it’s safe to say that Janelle has the Pluto on top of Saturn thing down pat. We can follow her lead with confidence! After all, she is the expert on this energy and has found a way to work it. We can too!

Step 1: Look at the rules that seem to restrict you

Step 2: Come up with innovative ways to prosper in acknowledgement of those boundaries

Step 3: Live the fullest , most creative , progressive , lucid , and vivid life possible

Step 4: Spread this attitude by creating!

Janelle has the 2020 energy we need. We’ll definitely be clocking her all year long. Stay tuned!

—Ankhsty , The Underbelly

Celtic Knots and Circle Casting

I’d like to propose the consideration of Celtic Knots as a tool in our concept of casting protection around ourselves and grounding.


I was surfing Pinterest when I came upon this symbol and this concept. I fell in love with it and want to look more into knots, energy work, celtic symbolism/mythology, and cord magic. Those posts will come later.

For now, I just wanted to introduce the idea that in casting a circle for grounding or protection in preparation for energy work, thinking of a solid shape or color may not be the only way to protect yourself. There are so many other symbols we can use: coconuts, turtle shells, cowrie shells, a ring of small fierce animals, and now knots!

It will be interesting to see how experimenting with types of knots can affect the feeling of protection, and how one will make an art of casting with their hands, wands, or athames.

Book Burning, Astral Travel, and Virtual Reality


Something that bothers me as we’re entering the Age of Aquarius is the recovery of knowledge that has been lost in the physical realm due to the rudeness of colonization and brutal souls.

I’m referring to all of the barbarians throughout history that partook in book burning.

The question I was researching that flared me up to write this article.

It’s extremely frustrating as a young astrologer to incarnate and find that previous soul work that you very may well have contributed one of your lifetimes to has been destroyed. Beyond irritating.

However, the idea that this knowledge can’t be recovered is fictitious. Anything that was once written always once told. If it was once said then it was once known. If it was once known then it is part of consciousness forever and all puzzles broken can be solved again. But how?

Astral traveling and astral projection into celestial classrooms or dimensions and meeting celestial scholarly beings and bringing useful knowledge back to this realm is within our grasp.

Does this alarm you? Or do you believe it too?

Just think about what’s emerging in our Media? Episodes of Black Mirror are starting to press the envelope of virtual reality. By this I mean that the technology is only beginning to catch up with our most basic intentions for it and we already have entire universes dedicated to how we’ll be operating with their applied existence.

In the spiritual community a similar vehicle is emerging in consciousness and approaching more tangible results. Studies at Athens University have been nailing OBE research for a few decades now. The accuracy of projectors guided through specific instructions prior to sleep varied: ~33% with a vivid OBE and the rest in decreasing degrees of clarity in their accounts of their experience.

We’re approaching an age and a time where people are openly communicating and sharing methods of projecting and we’re becoming more and more successful at it as more people unlock their ability to project their consciousness beyond the physical form.

This is spiritual technology that we need to be taking more seriously as a route to discovering and recovering universal and spiritual truths that can propel us into the next Age.

The West Needs to Pay Attention to What Happens in the East

We can base this on the simple principle of direction. We know that the sun rises in the East and sets in the west. The rising sun symbolizes the beginning and the west represents the end. When situations wax and arise in the East, we can expect those things to transfer and for the energies to move westward. Problems that are not resolved in their early stages are then carried westward.

The same goes for southward to northward and back, however that relates to the year, not the day. That is a different article.

When we see a rise in technology in the East (China) that wave often is transformed and carried westward (the descendent of this dimension because the sun sets over us) take the energies/circumstances/waves that have arisen and find ways to synthesize and analyze and understand it. Make sense of it. This is just the natural motion of things. Immediate and vast.

This is an expression using cardinal directions of why it’s important to pay attention to world news and be conscientious of what is trending. It will be useful in the upcoming 180 years to really use this knowledge to forge the career paths of our generation, it’s youth, and the most adept of our working class.

This article is partially related to Local Astrology. The new tool on astro.com is definitely something to play around with. Ways to interpret the lines of your local astrology will most likely be a different article.

What is the descendent?

In Egyptian mythology West is considered to be the portal of the netherworld. With this as an example Aquarius can be seen as the energy to be using to tap into transformative energies. That being said if the direction that you want to go in is westward, then you can be trying to channel androgynous energies. Trying to challenge yourself to invent new solutions to your problems. This constellation is bringing the 10 of wands to mind. Where in my cards the load is burdensome and the smarter fix would be to build a vessel (better technology) to carry the load. In the interpretation in line with Egyptian mythology, Aquarius would be opening up the netherworld and you can channel what that represents through an Aquarian stream of consciousness.

In Chinese Buddhism, west represents movement toward the Buddha or enlightenment. In this interpretation whatever sign is on the descendent can be the stream of consciousness that leads toward enlightenment. My ruler is on my descendent , so it’s most natural for me to pay attention with what is cusping in that direction because that’s where my personal momentum lies.

In American literature, the west had been made into a symbol of freedom as the west was what white people pushed towards in their exploration from the East. The legends will speak of it as a newly arrived soul clan’s quest for wisdom and divine guidance where they were bankrupt.


In Judaism The west is seen as the direction toward Shekinah or the dwelling or presence of god. Orienting yourself toward the west as your anchor energy you want to pay attention to what’s descending or flushing out. I smbelieve the west to be symbol of the dwelling of god in astrological terms because that is the constellation that spent its full 12 hours above the horizon sending energy and interacting with us and now at its setting it’s draining everything, bringing that energy to another place on the earth.

This is a reason why we must be so conscious of who is leading the day and the energy that they are bringing.

Who is the most ahead of time? — The day starts in the Line Islands….

With a Centaur’s Aim: Our First Sag Season

Sagittarius season is upon us, y’all! To set up the blog for the next month, I thought I’d post some background mythology on Sag as well as a little analysis of the Centaur. Since I’m into shapeshifting, I’ll be discussing the best energies to start transitioning into Centaur energy.

Seeing the Signs

Sagittarius is the constellation spanning 240-270 degrees of our Zodiac. Sag is the waning trine of Aries, with Leo being the waxing trine.

In short, what we began in Aries season and saw unfold during Leo season needs to be retrofitted. Sagittarius season is about including the insight and attitudes of others so that we know how to fit our endeavors into a larger context.

This part of any manifestation process is essential. It brings us to a higher level when we distill our experiences and share our expertise with others.

Spotting the Centaur.

In Greek mythology, Sag is associated with the centaur Chiron. Astrogically, we acknowledge Chiron as the comet representing our wounds and their cures. I have a theory on why this is, so keep reading.

The centaur of mythology is a symbol of higher intelligence said to form a bridge between Earth and Heaven. His only tools are a bow and arrow. I consider these to be representations of foundation and intention. The centaur is the master of using their skills to cast their intentions into the eye of any target it chooses.

In other words, centaurs never hit their mark.

So Sagittarius season becomes a season celebrating The Sight and Prophecy. The ability to hit one’s mark from the moment of cast intention in consideration of potentially path altering conditions. Dude, that’s pretty sick.

Becoming the Archer.

In archery, patience and passion prevail. Passion takes us beyond the norm. Passionate emotion fuels abstract realities until they feel supple to our conscious minds. Patience in the mix allows us to see these passionate realities come to fruition.

The centaur is a master of both, combining timing with patience and passion to reach any goal in or out of sight.

In order to become Archers, we need to learn the art of timing. We have to calm our fiery passions with patience and…


I did archery in high school because I was in ROTC so I have a little bit of arching experience. When I was writing this post and looking into Sag stuff, I thought to look into archery a little to see if I can include some detail. And let me tell you,

I immediately saw the parallels between arching and #LOA manifesting. The centaur shooting his arrow is the exact same process as manifestation as described in pop LOA videos and articles.

For the archer, the six basic steps for shooting a bow are:

Assume the shooting position.
Nock the arrow.
Draw and anchor the bow.
Release the string.
Follow through.

For manifestors studying LOA, our process mirrors shooting. To manifest what we want we make a flow of the the following steps:

Get clear on what you want. …
Ask the universe. …
Work toward your goals. …
Trust the process. …
Receive and acknowledge what you get. …
Clear your resistance.

I’m delineating this parallel because this is the mindset all Sag season long, at least here at The Underbelly. The next month is about getting clear, nocking our arrows, putting in the work, and fueling ourselves on faith.

And every time we do this, we’re also making habits of being in receiving mode and releasing the strings. In keeping our vibes high, we clear resistance. With open roads and clear paths, we follow through.

“The equipment can come later, but the most important thing is your form, your technique and your mental approach.”

Braden Gellenthien

Who are you? How do you want to do what you want to do? What mindset are you in while achieving these goals?

While we can’t answer those questions for you here at the Underbelly, we can post articles all month long that explore psychic mental approaches, magical techniques, and spirit in its many forms.

So that’s what we’ll be here to do! Lock in.

Love, The Underbelly Blog.

All images in use on this post can be found here.


A Gemstone for Leos, Libras, Pisces, and the Aquarian Age

Who Is She Anyways?

Diaspor is a gemstone whose high vibrational nature brings refreshing feelings and crisp beginnings into our environments. It resonates within the higher chakras including the third eye, crown and soul star as well as within the heart and solar plexus chakra. Diaspor keeps us calm and open in all situations.

The name Diaspore, also spelled Diaspor or Diasporite, originally came from the Greek word which meant to scatter, and it relates to the way that the mineral scatters when it is heated. This speaks to the stones Libra attributes. This behavior reflects tendencies of the Air element and can be the reason for its mental benefits. The stone’s tendency to scatter when heated can reflect its affects on the user. When stimulated, the faculties of the mind are unlocked and disperse in order to permeate through the entirety of the psyche to retrieve and access all of the information therein.

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Working with Diaspor helps to enhance memory, remember your dreams, lucid dream, relieve stress, and assist with weight loss. More on that in a second.

It is also called Empholite, Kayserite or Tanatarite, and trademarked gem quality stones from Turkey are called Csarite and Zultanite by the gemstone trade.

Diaspor is the world’s only source of Zultanite. Originating from the Greek word “diaspora”, diaspor means to scatter. However, using its popular names from Turkey we see that the stone has royal associations as well.

The base word of Zultanite is Zoltán, a Hungarian masculine given name originating from the Old Turkish work soltan or sultan.

These words mean strong authority or rulership and are derived from the Arabic verb Sultah meaning authority or power.

In modern times, Sultans are Kings.

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In looking at the name Csarite we see the root word Csar which can be changed to Czar and then to Tsar. Czar is a Russian word for ruler or emperor. Czars don’t rule today but the word can still be used to describe people in charge of something important.

Up until the early 20th century, the ruler in Russia was a man called a czar who had total power, like an emperor or dictator.

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These crystals have an unusual attribute known as pleochroism in that they seem to change color according to how they are held, or looked at. This pleochroism reflects the stone’s influence on the user to become fluid and flexible in the way they are received and perceived in life.

What Does She “Do”?

Diaspor encourages clarity of thought and can This clarity assists in “reading” people by helping the user spiritually overstand what is being communicated and apply it to the mental and material plane. This speaks to the stone’s Leo attributes. Diaspor encourages confident interactions with people because it clarifies communication, making the exchange more direct and keeping misunderstandings at bay so that the conversation can flow.

Although associated with Aries, Leo has strong associations when Rising. Diaspore can help Leo’s in social situations. However, I concede that this observation is from a Rising Leo perspective / most potent with Leo influences in the first house.

This crystal assists in concentration and information recall. The mix of these abilities gives the user an ability to read true intent. By easily being able to concentrate on the information presented throughout the duration of the interaction, the user is able to sift through relevant and irrelevant data to concentrate on the heart of the matter.

Diaspor also encourages flexibility and resilience in the way we live. It supports improved responses to life changes and can assist in developing multiplicity in our perspectives.

These minerals have a lovely heart based energy that brings a soothing and calming energy that can aid stress or anxiety. The self-centering capabilities of the stone heightens the quality of the results of our endeavors. Improved concentration enhances document production and text formulation, making it a great stone for writers, transits in the third house, and working with Gemini energy.


Although closely associated with Leo and Libra as well, Diaspor is a Pisces birthstone. It’s a well known dreaming stone, and helps dream recall when we sleep with it. It’s an excellent aid in lucid dreaming and provoking intense and evocative dreams. We can recall scenes from dreams of the night before or past-life dreams with this crystal. We can even practice divination. Diaspor allows us to ask questions and receive clear, concise, and accurate answers by clearing our minds to allow our psychic subtleties to become more pronounced so that we can consciously interpret the messages.

These stones are one of the crystals that aid weight loss. They are purported to moderate water retention. This would speak to the interaction of the three elements occurring in the stone. It’s Leo attributes helping to decrease water volume and Libra giving the vapor a medium to expand and permeate. Thus, allowing the body to effectively rid itself of water waste and transport water to the necessary areas of our bodies, most effectively through fire breath meditation.

Additionally, we can use Diaspor to align our outer bodies. This grounds us and enables us to consciously create pathways that takes our higher-self energies straight up to the cosmos. While grounding us, Diaspor also opens up our crown chakras. This open channel increases our perception and comprehension of that which occurs within us during trance states while still making us feel safe and secure, rooted within ourselves.

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How She Can Help Us All

Using Diaspor with the elestial formation promotes protection during change and metamorphosis. It also promotes a strengthening of stability during these shifts.

A fun fact about the Diaspor cave in Turkey is that it’s a vortex.

[Vortices] are thought to be swirling centers of energy that are conducive to healing, meditation and self-exploration. These are places where the earth seems especially alive with energy. Many people feel inspired, recharged or uplifted after visiting a vortex.

—Info via VisitSedona

As we are going through the Metamorphosis of Times that is our borderlining the Aquarian Age, we are going to need to prepare our vibrations to comprehend the shifts we are going through while remaining grounded and stable in the lessons and wisdoms we gained from the Pisces era.

A trait of Diaspor is its ability to maintain proper acid/alkaline balance within the body and enhance the solubility of alkaline deposits within the body. If we look at our civilization as one Kingdom or one body, Diaspor can help us to maintain proper balance between Capricorn and Pisces in the Age of Aquarius by helping us to create authoritative solutions taking only the most practical mystical knowledge from the Piscean Age and applying these solutions to help manifest our new Aquarian dimension. It can help us to remain stable as we travel through the different vertices, portals, and dimensional shifts we’ll be experiencing for the next couple of thousand years.

Diaspor’s ability to assist in removing free-radical oxides from the body can reflect an ability to enable us as a society to quickly sift through beneficial and harmful ideas and advancements. This will be important in the Age of Aquarius because as many people will have increased and improved access to networks and knowledge, there will be many inventors and new directions that people will want to take society into. Keeping true to the qualities of Diaspor has the potential to help us stay on a positively evolving track by helping us to eliminate interesting and fresh ideas that may have an unfortunate and corrosive affect on our society at large or in a grander scheme.

With its assistance in weight loss, diaspor can be used to help people move the emotional baggage and blockages in the body’s systems that promote obesity. It is already currently being used in the treatment of Parkinson’s disease , diminishing the presence of the rash-causing Agent Orange toxin, and increase T-cell count in AIDS patients. Isn’t that amazing and crazy?

How to Create a Storm

“I have seen the cumulus ripple into stata.”


The Cumulus Stage

“The sun heats the surface …and warms the air around it. Warm air is lighter than cool air and starts to rise. If moist, then the warm air condenses into a cumulus cloud. The cloud will continue to grow as long as warm air below it continues to rise.”
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When I let my shadows control me and was at my darkest, I planned my death. The conditions were complex at the time as to why this was my wish, and only Wisdom guided me through…

I gathered my shit from Amazon and my local Walmart. I was a fresh recipient of a debit card and a trustworthy kid at the time so I could bank on nobody rifling through my package. With my little card, I ordered were a box of razors and a box of smoking blends from Amazon, then went to Walmart to buy a family sized bottle of aspirin. I then proceeded to put all of my school books in my school locker, return every book I ever borrowed, wash all of my laundry, and deep clean the crap out of my room. I wanted to leave this world a numb offering of letted blood with a head high. But I wanted everything to be in its rightful place before I went.

Dark shit. For some. In playing around with memory, metaphor, and restructuring I’ve been able this combination of things resonated with me because in a Scorpio ass way, I was affirming that the element of air was what I was lacking in my life. I had so much water, but I needed to learn how to coast over and sail above my waters. I needed to learn how to surf my own emotional seas. For this, I needed to let myself breathe.

Without air there is no motion or movement. Live things die in still waters from lack of oxygen. Learning about water systems and how air plays a part in water cycling can help us learn how to move our own water.

My working theory is that if I can reconnect and learn to see my system reflected in systems found in nature, I can resolve issues within my own ecology. On a larger scale, if we all utilized this mirror, then maybe we will feel freer and more resolved to engage in healing the world’s problems as well.

The Maturation

When I first moved to New Orleans, I had access to more Esoteric and Occult shops and Apothecaries than I ever had in Chicago. In patronizing these locations I found myself being especially drawn to and entertained by smoking blends. The first blend I bought was kinnikinnik.

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Then I started smoking herbal pre-rolled cigs composed of blends that included other such as Damiana and Rose.

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This is when I began smoking herbal blends with the intention on experiencing their rumored metaphysical properties.

All this smoking inspired me to learn how to roll papers. Once I learned how to roll a decent joint I started playing around with making my own blends.

So far, I’ve played around with Motherwort, Mugwort, Basil, Marshmallow Leaves, Lavender, Rose, Damiana, Lemongrass, Uva Ursi, Tobacco, Wormwood, Peppermint, and Yarrow.

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Soon I’ll be able to fill the blog with pictures of Ankhsty smoking blends!

Tied into all of this info about Storms and Smoke is that I am an Initiate of Air at this point in my Shamanic journey :: I am learning more about the function of Air as and element and how that element plays an active role in our lives.

In my Lightwork, I’ve learned the importance and strategic use of fresh air to move energy.

In my Shadow work, I’ve explored combining my love for indulging in medicinal practice with the use of the Air element to stimulate alternative states of consciousness and transform abstract creative potential into tangible and legible content for viewers like you.

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I really love vision boards and aesthetic boards. Keep an eye out for unique aesthetic boards and send in requests so that we can get inspired!

On my journey, I’ve found that the best way to integrate the earth and air elements for spiritual aid is smoking. It grounds me but stimulates my mind so that I don’t feel weighed down or heavy by the influences of the herbs that I’m using.

As a water sign, elixers are great for priming my body to use these herbs in a more meaningful way. However, I need to use the elements of fire and air to activate the medicinal data buoyant in my cells.

When I smoke, the stimulation of Air causes motion in the waters of my mind so that I can access the latent creativity and give it atmosphere to breath and grow. The flame I light my joint with becomes the spark of my intention. As a result, I find my ideas flowing more freely than before.

@ankhsty in a photo shoot with @araki_img
Chicago, 2019

The act of smoking for the reasons I’ve described can be summed up as brainstorming. Brainstorming is described as group discussion to produce ideas or solve problems. In a party of one, smoking allows for the elements to come together as a group to create an environment in whose conditions ideas can be produced and problems can be solved.

When the cumulus cloud becomes very large, the water in it becomes large and heavy. Raindrops start to fall through the cloud when the rising air can no longer hold them up. Meanwhile, cool dry air starts to enter the cloud. Because cool air is heavier than warm air, it starts to descend in the cloud (known as a downdraft). The downdraft pulls the heavy water downward, making rain.

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The best way to bring your ideas to fruition is to make it rain.

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The Dissipation

In the swirl of the storm going on inside of myself, I still had enough sense to look into my situation to see how people overcome their minds when the matter of being aliv me loses its appeal. I had read an article earlier on in my battle with this that said that something as simple as distracting yourself with something, anything else for just 5 more minutes, would help you keep yourself alive.

If you can just shift your attention to something that you love for 5 more minutes, you can live that much longer to experience joy.

This is the article that came to mind when I received a notification from Gmail. It was one of those frequent emails my high school counselors sent us with leads on resources for college. I was a junior, almost out of the shit. I had a bright future ahead of me if I chose it.

…I had already put my books in my locker and the laundry was done. In the spirit of giving myself 5 more minutes I preoccupied myself with filling out the app. Because I gave myself 5 minutes to invest in that, I had to wait for the news to come back, so that 5 minutes turned into living long enough to see the deadline pass and hear news back. That extra day turned into the rest of my life.

Happy @ankhsty.

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Exercising Visualization

Visualization is a key skill for experiencing psychic visions and conditioning our minds to recreate vivid landscapes, items, and images for us to follow when we’re using our powers. Our mind’s eye is a muscle that needs to be exercised. In my research on how to go about strengthening this muscle, I’m scripting the following regimen for improving psychic ability through visualization.

Image Manipulation.

through meditation and patient visualization we can create vivid landscapes and images that bring about sensations, sounds, and other information…

In order to exercise our visualization skills, it’s important that we learn how to manipulate images with our mind.

We should be able to take a set image and use our imagination to manipulate that image.

Examples of image manipulation include:

  • zooming in on the subject matter
  • zooming out of the subject matter
  • removing a pre-existing subject in the image
  • introducing a new subject in the image
  • imagining the subject in motion within the scene
  • imagining the subject engaging with the landscape
  • reshaping, reforming, or extrapolating upon the given landscape
  • moving an object left or right across an imagined landscape and back again
  • moving an object up or down within an imagined landscape and back again

Advanced additions could include:

  • imagining the auras of the subjects in the photos
  • determining or deciphering that there is unseen energy present within the image by perceiving negative space within the visual that seems to be place-holding
  • imagining the images in the minds of the subject of the image as they interact with the given or manipulated landscape

Image Appropriation.

Image appropriation is the name that I’ve assigned to the act of interacting with an image in the first person or “stepping into” an image.

Methods for exercising our ability to appropriate images can include:

  • using tarot card images and significance for context and landscape and imagining ourselves interacting with the imagery or characters in the cards
we practice exercising our imaginations to make our inner worlds more vivid so that when we receive psychic information it can come through load and clear…
  • using #pinterest or #weheartit to compose a board of landscapes and subjects to play with, intending to interact with them and combine them or cross them over often to create superscapes
  • writing, journaling, or scripting a detailed version of a landscape we’re familiar with and crystallizing the imagery within that familiar landscape so that we are using imagery from our real lives and manipulating and appropriating scenes in our own realities
  • drawing our own landscapes and subject combinations to interact with to develop our own vivid scenarios and characters

The ways that we can challenge ourselves to develop our psychic abilities are most likely limitless. In favor of this, keep the conversation going in the comments and other platforms using the hashtag #4sight !

if you’d like to reference this article, but expound on its exercises, use the hashtag #4sight so we know you’re bouncing off of us and engaging with the underbelly community.

Personal Applications for Visualization

as for the past, using visualization can have beneficial impacts on altering memories that disturb your from the past. you can use your imagination to re member those experiences to be reframed into a more positive recollection.

as for the present, exercising visualization can help you wrap auras around yourself, protect yourself with shields and coconuts, or comfort you in the case of visualization of a deity, angel, or animal walking with you. there are extensive applications for visualization in all tenses, but the present one especially i could go on and on.

as for the future, practicing visual manipulation and appropriation of images can help ease anxieties about the future if used correctly. our powers of visualization tend to be potent when imagining worst-case scenarios, however after exercising and gaining more control over our visualizations we become more expert at navigating our mindscapes. we can shape our minds into more positive arenas with which to play out different scenarios.

we can shape our inner worlds by being more purposeful about the imagery we introduce to and interact with in our minds.

Use these visualization tips to become more powerful people. And share the Pinterest boards that come out of this! We’re excited to see what inner realms are conjured from this post.

With Radiant Warmth in Darkness,
The Underbelly