Affirming the Plutonian Sun

note: as with the trine and the sextile, in the square, pluto is the outer or superior planet in this case and therefore has a dominating effect on the sun, the inner or inferior luminary in this case. the focus of a square relationship is integrating the tense relationship between the 2 different areas of life so that we are fluidly able to make choices and seize opportunities without being dominated by one energy or another. those of us who share this aspect have the work of integrating ourselves and the transformations that we go through. the effect of integrating identity and transformation is that we become change, and we become comfortable with that. we become comfortable with change being a constant for us in our own lives. we also embrace bringing and being the change in other people’s lives. there’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes of a change bringer. this blog post is a compilation of the information written on this aspect turned affirmation for Plutonian Suns. it is presumptuous and declarative, but i hope it is simultaneously comforting and empowering.

Pluto Square Suns,

we are intense.

we are intense beings and that unsettles people. because of this, it’s actually in our best interest to relax. we have all experienced our fair share of crises. to minimize crisis, we try controlling the situations. this can lead to us becoming controlling of other people, but we can take a more positive route with this energy. when we channel our intensity into determination and hard work for our own gains we become very powerful people. when we are ambitious and unconcerned of our competition, we are free to create unlimited realities that are unique to our own desires. we have to overstand that we are naturally positioned in power and authority when when we sit within the thrones of ourselves. we will feel the most fulfilled when we take our intensity and channel it into manifesting positive attraction within our lives.

we love that we are intrinsically attractive. we know that our intensity is rarely matched and has an allure so strong that we get stuck down our own rabbit holes. we get swept up in our own emotions our gravity pulls us within our own psyches. we become black holes. the intensity of our emotions have the power to tear other people apart. when we focus on empowering ourselves instead of engaging in power struggles with others we uphold our center in its highest or most ideal form (just as Pluto’s glyph suggests).

we’re so intense because we’re an expression of a vital meeting between the conscious and the subconscious. we naturally see the deeper significance of all things. it’s difficult to remain light-hearted and light-minded when our powerful emotions express themselves. especially without our control. but that’s okay. we don’t always need to be light. when we become comfortable in our own darkness, and can stand the heat of our own kitchens so to speak, we allow ourselves unrestricted access to all of the helpful faculties that we can employ to manifest the life that aligns best with our soul’s highest divine purpose.

we are hidden.

we enjoy cloaking ourselves. we are intrigued by the veils between things and we enjoy lifting and dancing between them. we are attracted to costumes, disguises, and shapeshifting. all kinds of transformation is cool to us. the mimic squid is a cool example of this. or maybe you liked beast boy and raven from the teen titans for their abilities to transform.

it’s okay for us to hav a library of masks so long as we’re not hiding behind them. so long as we can stand in the sunlight, fully cloaked in our darkness, and know that we are embodying and enduring a glorious contrast. in the case of sun sqare pluto we are flames, blazing strong in the darkness. we have to have a light strong enough to endure the mysteries of the night. to do this we have to do the work to come to a thorough appreciation of our basal nature.

it’s useful for us to have a repertoire of identities that we can transform into so that we are adaptable and flexible in our interactions with the world. we are strategic with our disguises to maximize our gains and the vividness of our realities. we should encourage this in ourselves. we should encourage ourselves to master gifts latent within us. as long as we are honest with ourselves about who we are, we will always be able to let go of control of a situation. the risk of our mask being ripped off or crumbling doesn’t scare us because we are comfortable with the core identity we cultivated that allows us to wear the other identities so organically.

we saturate ourselves in darkness.

we are familiar with the darker side of life even if we haven’t experienced it. we were around it or we accepted the darkness in the people around us. we actively embrace our fascinations with the dark and shed any light we can on our fears of it. fearlessness is something that we cultivated by constantly confronting and making our fears our bitches. death and endings fascinate us because those phenomena are expressions of transformative potential and the creative process.

losing control can be a dark fantasy in and of itself for us. we give ourselves permission to live out our sexual taboos and fantasies with our partners. exploring our interests and desires stimulates us in a positive way. our imaginations deserve to be as wild as they are. there is beauty and gold in that. we also deserve to explore those things in safe spaces with people that love and care for us. the occult and addictions add to our life experiences and stimulate transformation in our lives, but we have to reconnect with self-love so that we overstand that we don’t have to venture off into the darkness to experience our innermost desires. we can experience our darkness in the blessing of light and love that is union.

we are controlled.

in reality, the only thing that we have any control over is ourselves. we can’t control what’s going on within us, but we control how we react. we decide what we let flow. whenever we feel the need to control others, we focus our efforts on attuning ourselves to experience fulfilling, substantial, and harmonious relationships. we focus our attention on controlling our own behavior, our transformative process is for the purpose of evolving ourselves to a higher level of consciousness, so we can’t waste time trying to control other people. our destinies are unfolding every moment.

knowing this, we make a practice out of letting things go. we have to train ourselves to release the urge to probe and dominate situations. we have to relax ourselves so that release becomes natural for us.

it’s essential for us to become conscious of why we feel so in need to be in control. our consciousness of the root causes of our control concerns allows us to evolve to a higher level and let things go, relax, and feel less threatened. we transform ourselves and rebirth ourselves in peace. once we do this we find that inner peace is where we find inner power.

usually in our efforts to control other people or dominate the situation, we find ourselves making sacrifices. because pluto is the dominant planet in this relationship, we often sacrifice ourselves for the sacke of transformation. we are always dying for the sake of becoming. however, when we smoothly integrate these energies we can master the art of positively transforming ourselves. focusing on yourself will yield more positive and quicker results than focusing your energy on trying to transform others for your own personal gain.

the need to be in control gets us into ego conflicts. not being in control raises our agitation levels and our energy is so intense that this actually can feel threatening to people. the intensity of our anxiety or nervous excite literally comes off as painful, damaging, and hostile to other people. if you don’t see it now, just pay attention or ask around. our discomfort is really that potent. this is why its so important to integrate these two energies. the uncomfortable feelings we have in ourselves is what is most powerfully broadcasted to others, even when our sunny personalities are trying to shine under the cover of that pultonian darkness. resolving inner discomfort resolves scenarios in our lives, fellow plutnian suns, literally alters the reflections of those discomforts as expressed in our life situations.

we are private.

we journey to the underworld often. we familiar with the darker side of life.

having a natal sun sq. pluto aspect can also be expressed in terms of coming into existence during that particular transit. we are an expression of a relationship that was going on at the time andour lives after that are the expression of how that original conflict or square has played out since then.

pluto square suns, we were all born born in a period where authority was being challenged and need for control was at the forefront of relationships at the time. we were born at a time when past life experiences and deeply rooted fears were triggered and intense psychological issues involving fears, death, losing control, being abused, tortured, or persecuted we at their height. the gates for brushes with the dark side of life such as addiction, spiritual warfare, and rape were most open when we came into being. we can be intimidating because we are encoded with energies of intimidation.

we are serious secrecy and control. we keep our personal lives a mystery.

it’s important for us to make a practice of constant relaxation of our minds. we benefit most from focusing our thorough attention on relevant matters so that we don’t wast our energy on mundane pursuits. we embrace death and actively soothe negative emotions and thought patterns that we have about endings. we actively set ourselves up for success because we know that self-sabotaging behavior is a waste of precious time. we actively create positive scenarios and scenarios where we come out on top because we know how powerful our words and mind in creating our reality. we freely explore my most demonic, unacceptable, and beastly thoughts because we have come to appreciate the beauty of them. we accept that they are essential parts of me and we enjoy those parts of myself.

we are autonomous.

we are powerful and magical shapeshifting beings. we know how to transform and shape realities and people. we are walking indicators of change, walking transformative works. we also know that we are special and that the gifts that we are each nurturing within ourselves and the dreams that we’re realizing are very fragile. we are something worth protecting so we learn how to protect ourselves.

we are protected.

we protect ourselves from the emotionally invasive and the nosy energies that pry. we protect our businesses, our relationships, and our homes. we leave things unsaid in order to maintain space between what people think know about us and what is real. this buffer makes us feel comfortable because it distances us from people’s assumptions and psychic attacks.

release empowers us.

we employ armour to plate our true emotions. we don’t let much slip and we don’t feel the need to divulge more information that asked. our consistent release of control empowers us more than pursuit of control over others.

within ourselves.

we have intense, obsessive, and fascinated relationships with ourselves. we are full of strong emotion and dreams that we revisit constantly. there is no part of ourselves that we hide from ourselves. I am a drug to myself. we are the kind of people that get under our own skin. it’s rare that other people would even know where to start when it comes to truly bothering us because we’re so secretive. we invade the darker parts of our own psyches and become addicted to the powerful transformations that result in that indulgence. we can bring anything toward a crisis point, always running the most catastrophic versions of a scenario by ourselves to prepare ourselves for the worst.

our lightness, vitatlity, and sense of specialness threatens us at times. if we have naturally sunny dispositions, there’s always something about that persona that makes us uncomfortable within ourselves. its that sunny, light side of us that’s the most risky. a bubbly nature isn’t conducive to keeping secrets and retaining power.

we are dark stars.

integrating the two energies so that they flow more smoothly with one another is our task if we ant to get out of our own way. but what does that look like?

why my pluto-sun integration looks like is delving deeper into the occult and learning the ways of shapeshifting. coming to understand this aspect in my chart explains why i wrote such dark poetry as a kid. why i was so angsty and upset. why i attracted and found comfort in some of the darkest things. why erotic literature, bdsm, and taboo shit turns me on. everyone integration will look different. i guess this blog in its own way is an expression of that integration.

what’s an aspect in your chart that you’d like to actualize or affirm? leave a comment or write a blog post in response!

Notables Plutonian Suns: Barbra Streisand, Maya Angelou, Ricky Martin, Leonardo Da Vinci, Tiger Woods, Omar Sharif

Sources: Astrology King, Darkstar Astrology, The Astrology Place Membership,

Symbols: Phoenix, Tarot Card Death, Masks

Higher Embodiments: Kali Ma, Anubis, Sekhmet

what is a sun enveloped in darkness but the moon?