Afrofuturistic Pluto Conjunct Saturn Vibes: Janelle Monae

The conjunction of Pluto and Saturn is exact TODAY , January 9th , 2020. The best way to translate the energy of this conjunction is NOT by describing how heavy it feels to have Pluto on top of Saturn in the earth sign of authority, Capricorn. Instead, we should be exploring the freedoms that weContinue reading “Afrofuturistic Pluto Conjunct Saturn Vibes: Janelle Monae”

Celtic Knots and Circle Casting

I’d like to propose the consideration of Celtic Knots as a tool in our concept of casting protection around ourselves and grounding. I was surfing Pinterest when I came upon this symbol and this concept. I fell in love with it and want to look more into knots, energy work, celtic symbolism/mythology, and cord magic.Continue reading “Celtic Knots and Circle Casting”

Book Burning, Astral Travel, and Virtual Reality

Something that bothers me as we’re entering the Age of Aquarius is the recovery of knowledge that has been lost in the physical realm due to the rudeness of colonization and brutal souls. I’m referring to all of the barbarians throughout history that partook in book burning. It’s extremely frustrating as a young astrologer toContinue reading “Book Burning, Astral Travel, and Virtual Reality”

The West Needs to Pay Attention to What Happens in the East

We can base this on the simple principle of direction. We know that the sun rises in the East and sets in the west. The rising sun symbolizes the beginning and the west represents the end. When situations wax and arise in the East, we can expect those things to transfer and for the energiesContinue reading “The West Needs to Pay Attention to What Happens in the East”

Exercising Visualization

Visualization is a key skill for experiencing psychic visions and conditioning our minds to recreate vivid landscapes, items, and images for us to follow when we’re using our powers. Our mind’s eye is a muscle that needs to be exercised. In my research on how to go about strengthening this muscle, I’m scripting the followingContinue reading “Exercising Visualization”